K'LEKT is the international marketplace for Sneakers. In July 2013, K’LEKT has gone online and established itself in no time as a top player in the world of sneakers, and is indispensable since then.

Monthly, 200.000 people interested in sneakers visit the K’LEKT website generating 5 million pages impressions each month (as of May 2015). Thus, K'LEKT is one of the most popular meeting points online when it comes to sneaker culture.


5 MIO Pageimpressions per month

200.000 Unique Viewers per month


Arisen from the community, K'LEKT is an influential, authentic and independent platform. At K'LEKT, the sneaker community trades, buys and sells.

In contrast to the less specific competitors, K'LEKT is purely financed by advertisements, and therefore completely free of charge.

Due to its credibility, K'LEKT is supported by brands, media, bloggers and stores.

You have a store, and you are looking for an additional distribution channel? Then participate in our equitable affiliate´s program: Take advantage of our coverage and sell more efficiently. Terms and Conditions on request.

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