General questions

Where is my activation e-mail?

If you did not receive our activation e-mail, it is possible that it slipped into your spam folder. Please check your spam folder for our activation Mail.

In case you have not received this e-mail, feel free to contact our Support Team. No worries, you will be activated as soon as possible!

How do I verify my account?

On Your Profile Page you will see four symbols for each type of verification. You are able to verify your account with:

  • E-Mail
  • Facebook
  • Mobile Phone (SMS Verification Code)
  • Address (Postal Verification Code)

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K’LEKT is always here for you.

Feel free to ask anytime, no matter what it is.
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How do I know if an item/seller is legit?

We are doing everything we can to identify and ban fake items and scammers. Our team is checking the uploaded items everyday, though you can never be sure enough when it comes to fraud. To make sure, that you are fully protected when you purchase an item I will now give you some Information about how to buy via K'LEKT:

  1. Always check the item and pictures – Tagged pictures ensure you that the seller really owns the item. If there are no tagged pictures, feel free ask for more.
  2. The feedback and verification offers a good view of the seller when it comes to reliability and authenticity.
  3. Never deal or communicate outside of K'LEKT – The ‘Buy with PayPal’ feature provides full security for the buyer and seller, but this is not the case when the terms of service is violated.
  4. Always watch out for unrealistic offers – For example, it is very unlikely that you can purchase an authentic Yeezy for retail price or cheaper nowadays.
  5. Check the last time the seller was online/logged in

When you stick to this checklist you will have a good time on K’LEKT and we got always your back.

I didn’t receive my order yet, what should I do?

So, you successfully bought an item but still haven’t received it? There’s no need to worry just yet. K’LEKT connects the seller with potential buyers. The listings mostly come from private sellers, which means that they are everyday people – like you and me – that sometimes need a day or two before they are able to ship the item.

For this reason we advise you to give the seller a few days to take care of the shipping process. When a couple of days have passed and it looks like you won’t receive your order, it’s time to claim your money back. To do so, firstly contact the seller by going directly to your PayPal transaction. Here you can ask questions to the seller, which PayPal will then see and also consult in case you need to claim your money. If the seller does not get back to you within a couple of days, you can start the claiming process. This is done by opening a case via PayPal and waiting for the case to be solved, where after your money will be refunded.

As official partner of PayPal, K’LEKT will help and support you with every problem that you experience on our marketplace. In the exceptional event that a case regarding the claim results in an unfair decision, K’LEKT will support you and provide additional evidence that is of importance to the situation.

Why is the Item I am trying to buy pending?

The Reserved mode is a security feature in case there are difficulties during the transaction. It prevents a user to buy the item while you are having problems with the transaction.

The Reserved status will change to available again in 15 minutes.

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K’LEKT is always here for you.

Feel free to ask anytime, no matter what it is.
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Do I need a PayPal account?

Yes, PayPal is the way you are getting paid. The service enables global e-commerce by making payment transactions between different countries, currencies and languages possible.

How do I add PayPal to my K’LEKT account?

  • Login to your account and click the profile button at the top right of the screen.
  • On your profile page you will see a little ‘Edit’ button right under your user picture, click on this.
  • On the profile edit page, you will be able to add your PayPal account to your K'LEKT account.
  • Simply add your PayPal address and your PayPal account will be added.

You buy with your Paypal account. Once you have completed the checkout process, the money goes straight to the sellers Paypal account. That's it!

How does the ‘Make An Offer’ feature work?

The ‘Make An Offer’ feature is a great tool for price negotiations between buyer and seller. As soon as the potential buyer makes an offer for an item, a new conversation will be opened between the buyer and seller. In this conversation you will see the entire status of the specific deal.

When the seller approves the offer, the buyer will see a 24-hour countdown. When the buyer clicks on the ‘Pay’ button (that is visible in the conversation after the offer was approved), the buyer will be redirected to PayPal and is now able to pay for the item. The seller will receive the money and is now responsible for shipping. We highly advise sellers to ship their items within three days and add the shipping information to the PayPal payment when it’s shipped, in order to receive the best feedback possible.

When the offer is accepted and the buyer does not pay within 24 hours, it will not be possible to make another offer, unless the seller is willing to accept more offers. If the seller wants to receive another offer by someone who didn’t pay for his first offer, he needs to go back to the conversation and click on the button that allows the potential buyer to make a new offer. If the seller declines the offer, you are absolutely free to make a new one.

All items bought through ‘Make An Offer’ are secured by K’LEKT and PayPal.

When do I as a seller have to pay fees?

Only when a transaction has been completed. The fees will be automatically deducted from your PayPal account.

Are there any fees for uploading an item on K’LEKT?

No, creating a listing is 100% free.

What’s the exact amount of K’LEKT fees?

Only 8% of the item price.

For example: Let's say you're selling a pair of Nike Air Max 1 for €150. In this case your fee will be €12 (8%), which means €12 is charged from the seller as soon as the item is sold. Shipping costs are excluded from K’LEKT fees! 

Is there an upper limit for fees?

Yes, we are very well aware of the prices some collector's items on K'LEKT are being sold for. That's why we set a limit to our fees: no matter what the item price is, sellers will never pay more than €49 in K’LEKT fees per transaction.

This means: If you're selling an item for €1000, you won't have to pay €80 (which would normally be 8%), but just €49.

Do the fees on K’LEKT include PayPal fees?

No, the PayPal fees are charged separately by PayPal.

I had to cancel the deal and refunded the buyer his money. Will I be refunded the fee as well?

Sometimes deals have to be cancelled by the seller or buyer. There may be various reasons that cause a cancellation and therefore we look into each situation individually. In order to get fees refunded, cancelled purchases need to be in line with the policy of K’LEKT. This means fees will not be refunded if the situation is in violation with the rules and terms of service.

If you want your fees refunded, please send our customer service a screenshot of the complete refund confirmation, your full conversation with the buyer and of course a link to the item in question. This information is used to look into the case properly and makes it possible for the support team to refund fees.

How do I proceed after someone bought my item?

As soon as the payment is completed, you send the item to the address that is stated in the PayPal payment. Please copy and check the address carefully, because you are only secured if you send your package to exactly the same address. Please read the PayPals safety and security rules for a safe transaction. Always put your shoebox in a bigger box before you send it, so the box and items won’t get damaged.

As soon as you have shipped the item and received the tracking details, add the tracking information to the PayPal payment. This allows the buyer to track the parcel and prevents any further complications regarding the transaction.

After a deal, feel free to motivate one another for an appropriate feedback.

Premium Selling Features

Want to give your items some extra attention? Try our versatile selection of premium features, which are designed to fit all your individual needs.

Highlight Item

To make your item stand out from the crowd, you can choose to "highlight" it. For a small fee your item will get a prominent spot in the search results and therefore more interesting for potential buyers. This feature has no time limit and will be visible until the item is sold.

Push To Top

When you add your item to K'LEKT it will immediately show up on the homepage and at the top of the search results. But as time passes, other items are added to our marketplace and your item moves down to page two, three, four, five and so on. Wouldn't it be nice, if you could move it back to the first page somehow? Well, that's exactly what our "Push To Top" feature does for a small fee. Below are the two options that are possible with this premium feature.


When you push the item to the top "now", it will be moved instantly to the top of the home page. Please keep in mind that when other users add new listings, your item slowly moves down and will end up on page two, five, ten again.
Please note due to cache, it mat take 4 to 5 minutes to show on the homepage.


If you want to give your item some extra attention on a daily base, you can move your item back to the first page every day for a whole week. This means that your item will be moved back to the first page every 24 hours. Please keep in mind that your item will slowly move down again when other users add new items throughout the day. In total, your item will be moved back to the first page seven times.

How does the “Price Drop” option work?

With the Price Drop you are able to receive a free instant Push-To-Top on your listed item whenever you reduce the price by 10%. Since items that are shown on top of the page or have a reduced price often sell a lot quicker, this can help you a lot with selling faster.

I’m a power seller. Can I get benefits from selling on K’LEKT?

Yes, you can! You can become a Pro-Seller on K’LEKT and benefit from special advantages. Please get in touch with us here.

Why is my item deleted?

One of the following actions may be the cause for this:

  • You have to upload your own pictures of the item, otherwise we'll delete your item.
  • No confirmation mails, no screenshots, no hook up or pre-order posts.
  • In hand items only!
  • Use a name tag for your pictures!
  • If you repeat your actions after a warning, your account will be blocked.

Why is my account blocked?

Your account has been blocked for a reason. This might be because you did not use your own pictures and were warned several times, you did not provide any Information after we requesting it, or you offered fake/replica items.

Stick to our simple rules and you won’t have this situation.

What do the different item status options mean?

The item status can be changed and checked as seller when logged in. Click your profile button on the top of the page and click on ‘Items’ in the drop down menu, here you will have a complete overview of all your items.

All items bought and sold through ‘Buy with PayPal’ will be visible in designated folders, which can be found in the Item section. To change the status of your items, scroll to the item and change the status by clicking on the drop down menu in bottom of the item frame.You have these options:


This listing will be displayed. Users can buy it or make offers through Private Messages.


This listing has been bought by a user, but the payment has not yet been finished. You might want to look into your PayPal account to check if it needs any action from your site.


The buying process has been completed. The status will automatically change to Sold if the Item was bought through the Buy Now Option and will be visible in your Sold folder and the buyers bought folder.


You do no longer want to sell this item... or what ever...

More question?

K’LEKT is always here for you.

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General Infos:

What exactly is Presented By K’LEKT?

Presented By K’LEKT is an aftermarket online store for buying and selling the most wanted, limited edition, high demand sneakers. We interact as a middleman between the seller and buyer to ensure that sneakers are a 100% authentic and to create the safest buying and selling experience for You.

Which shoes can be sold / bought?

Presented By K’LEKT is only made for “deadstock“ pairs of sneakers.

Presented By K’LEKT Condition Guide

Presented By K’LEKT defines a “deadstock“ pair of sneakers as unworn and complete with original box. This may include additional laces / lace tips, special packaging, manufacturer tags etc.

It is ok if the shoes aren’t factory laced anymore or had been tried on once for fitment and/or have slight factory flaws that are uncontrollable.

Be aware that every shoe box can suffer slight damages from shipping.

How do you authenticate?

We have experts on our team that have been in the sneaker game when You still were liquid;) They are specialized in spotting fakes. Without any exceptions, every pair is reviewed by them using different methods to be a 100% sure before the item is shipped to the buyer.

How long will it takes to authenticate?

Depending on the amount of received shoes and / or other circumstances that might occur, the authentication process can take 1 or 2 days. We will notify You when we receive the item and again when we ship it out after the authentication process. Please note, processing times may slightly be longer during holiday periods.

What happens if a fake is detected?

If we receive a fake shoe the buyer will get refunded the full amount of money and we send the fakes back to the seller.

What can I do, if I can not find a product?

We’re continuously working on maintaining our stock, in order that this case will not happen to often. But if, You can write our customer support for Your sneaker request. We do not guarantee that every product will be added, but if we add Your required product You will then get notified.

I see some greyed out silhouettes, what does this mean?

This just means the product is available but we still need to add a picture for this product.

Do you use different currencies?

Right now we only offer Euro prices. But we will soon be offering other currencies as well.

Infos for Selling on Presented By K’LEKT:

How can I sell at Presented By K’LEKT?

First make sure to create an account on our website and connect Your account with PayPal. After this steps You can easily click the ”sell“ button under the slider “item“ at Your profile. Listing Your item is of course free! You can only list brand new (deadstock) items on the Presented By K’LEKT Store. What this exactly means you can look up in the Condition Guide. And please be aware that no prototypes or samples are allowed to be sold.

Why is the uploading process the same procedure as on the marketplace?

Since we are still offering both, Store and Marketplace you upload your item as usual with pictures. If you have provided all necessary information for the Presented By K’LEKT Store – which means you have been onboarded, your item is available on our online store. Once the marketplace is gone you will have a much easier uploading process without taking pictures by yourself. But since we are in this transition phase the uploading process stays the same as always.

How can I see whether my items is listed on the marketplace or on the Presented By K’LEKT?

If you have been onboarded (filled out all necessary infos on the pop up page) your brand new items will be available on the Presented By K’LEKT online Store.

Do I have to live in a specific country for selling?

Yes at the moment we offer selling for the following countries below. But we are actively working on it to include as many countries (worldwide) as possible in the nearest future. If it isn’t now, we will announce it once Your country will be available.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Do I have to pay the shipping to you or to the buyer?

No, You don’t have to worry about shipping prices, it is totally free for You.

How much fees I have to pay to Presented By K’LEKT once my item is sold?

The fees for selling stay the same as always. We deduct 8% of the selling price, restricted to a maximum of 49€.

Which postal service do you use and where can I drop off my package?

Right now we are using DHL for shipping to Your country. So if You want to know where the next DHL Shop is, just check the link below.


How long do I have to ship the sneakers to Presented By K’LEKT?

After Your item got sold and You have been notified by us, You have 48 hours time to confirm the transaction. After confirmation You have 72 hours to ship the item to us. We take care of the rest!

When do I receive my money and how?

You get paid after the item was authenticated by us. You will receive Your money via PayPal.

Can I cancel a transaction?

Yes, if You do not confirm within 48 hours or decline it, the transaction will automatically be cancelled.

What is happening if my item is sold but I do not own it anymore?

So first of all you are the one who is responsible for his listings to keep them up to date. Otherwise it is harming the buyers experience on our website. So if you do not own an item anymore, please make sure to delete it or i fit has been bought, decline the transaction!

What happens if I sell a fake or the item is not in a brand new condition?

In this case, we will refund the buyer and You will have to cover the costs that were made by Presented By K’LEKT during this whole process. After we got the amount of money from You, the item is shipped back to You. If we somehow do not receive the expense costs we keep the item. Furthermore we reserve the right to block or delete Your account on Presented By K’LEKT.

Infos for Buying on Presented By K’LEKT:

How can I buy at Presented By K’LEKT?

Login to our website either with Your e-mail address or with Your facebook account. After this steps You can search for products and buy them by adding them to Your cart. You can directly check out with PayPal or use our form which appears on the checkout page.

Do I have to live in a specific country for buying?

Yes at the moment we offer buying for the following countries below. But we are actively working on it to include as many countries (worldwide) as possible in the nearest future. If it isn’t now, we will announce it once Your country will be available.

Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom

How can I pay?

Right now we are using PayPal as a paying option.

How about the shipping costs?

You only have to buy the shipping cots from us to You. Shipping costs depends on the country You live in. Please check the prices here:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
United Kingdom

Can my purchase be cancelled?

Yes if the seller declines by purpose or does not confirm within first few days the transaction will automatically be cancelled and You will be completely refunded.

How long will it takes till I receive my item?

Well the seller has to confirm within 48 hours, after this he has got another 72 hours to ship the item to Presented By K’LEKT. After the item arrived it will take 1 or 2 days for authentication. After this process we ship the item out to You. Depending on the country You live in the shipping will take between 2-5 business days. So estimated delivery time from order date to You is about 6-13 business days (information provided without guarantee). Please note, processing times may slightly be longer during holiday periods.

Can I return my order once I have received it?

No, right now we are not offering returns. But if You don’t want to keep the item there is this Presented By K’LEKT website where You can easily sell.

What happens if you receive a fake or the item is not in a brand new condition?

In this case, we will refund You and the seller will have to cover the costs that were made by Presented By K’LEKT during the whole process. Furthermore we reserve the right to block or delete the sellers account on Presented By K’LEKT.

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