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Service Description

What are the advantages for sellers?

  • 100% Security
    You will have no more risks with KLEKT as your middleman.
  • No seller fees
    The "Payout" you want is the exact amount you will receive.
  • Easy process
    Upload multiple items with just a few clicks.
  • Free shipping
    When you sold an item, all you have to do is ship the item to us with a free, unique shipping label that is provided by us.
  • International reach
    Offer your items to thousands of buyers throughout Europe.
  • Authentic & brand-new items only
    On KLEKT you are only allowed to list authentic and brand-new (deadstock) items.

Check if you meet our "Selling Requirements" below and start selling now.

Fees & Costs

As a seller, you will not pay ANY fees! When you list an item, define your "Payout" and you will receive exactly this amount after successfully selling an item, with no additional costs for you (not even PayPal Fees).

If a buyer purchases an item he needs to pay "Service Costs" (see "Pricing Overview" below). This amount is added on top of the "Payout".

Price Structure

When you list an item, you need to define your "Payout", also known as "Seller Price". The "Payout" is the exact amount you will receive after successfully selling an item. This amount is directly transferred to your PayPal account (this may take up to 2 business days)
. No additional fees at all, you don't even need to pay PayPal fees!

If a buyer purchases an item he needs to pay "Service Costs". This amount is added on top of the "Payout". The "Service Costs" include the following and are completely paid by the buyer:

  • 20% on top of your "Payout"
    This is based on the following costs:
    • Authentication Costs
    • Packaging Costs
    • Transaction Costs
    • Handling Costs
    • 19% VAT
  • €10 Flat Rate Shipping Costs
    Shipping via DHL from the seller to our warehouse for authentication.

The "Store price" also known as "Total Price" that is displayed to buyers is the sum of the "Payout" and the "Service Costs".

Pricing Overview

The following table displays all fees and costs related to selling or buying on KLEKT.

Costs for Sellers Costs for Buyers
Create a listing:
Commission Fees:
PayPal Fees:
Shipping Costs:
Service Costs:
on top of the "Payout"
This is based on the following costs:
  • Authentication Costs
  • Packaging Costs
  • Transaction Costs
  • Handling Costs
  • 19% VAT
+ EUR 10
Flat Rate Shipping Costs
(incl. 19% VAT)
Shipping Costs:
See Pricelist here
(incl. 19% VAT; depending on the buyer location)

Pricing Example

You want to know how the "Price Structure" would look like, if you sell an item?

Let's say you list an item with a "Payout" of €200 and its purchased by a German buyer. This is how the calculation would look like:

(The price you ask for)
EUR 200
+ Service Costs
(Paid by the buyer)
EUR 50
= Store Price
(Displayed to buyers; + Shipping Costs)
EUR 250

Click here to see the calculation yourself by listing an item.

Selling requirements

If you want to list an item on KLEKT, you and the item need to match the following requirements:

  1. You need to be a private seller (currently business sellers are not allowed).
  2. You need to be located in one of the countries found here (We regularly update the available countries).
  3. Your item needs to:
    1. be in brand new and unworn condition (deadstock)
    2. include the complete set of all extras (additional laces, lace tips, special packaging, manufacturer tags etc.)
    3. include the original and undamaged shoebox/packaging.
  4. In order to list your item, you will need to match the item to the exact product that you want to sell. This is done during the first step (1/3) under "What product do you want to sell?".
  5. After your item is sold, you need to be able to confirm or decline the transaction within 24 hours.
  6. After confirming a transaction, you need to be able to ship the item within 72 hours of confirming.
  7. You always need to ship your sold item double boxed and with the provided shipping label to us.


Learn more about selling with the Questions & Answers below.

  • How does the process work after somebody bought my item?
    1. To make sure that the item you are selling is still available, you need to confirm or decline the purchase within 24 hours. If you do not react within 24 hours, the purchase will be automatically cancelled, your listing is removed from our platform and the buyer will be refunded the full amount.
    2. As soon as you confirm the purchase, you will be provided with a unique and free DHL shipping label. By confirming the transaction, you will need to ship the item within 72 hours.
      Sellers have the option to either (1) drop off the item at an authorized postal office or (2) have it picked up by DHL at a preferred location, day and time.
    3. After the item arrives at KLEKT, your item will be inspected by our team of professional authenticators.
    4. When the authentication is successful, we directly notify you and transfer "Your Payout" to your PayPal account. We take care of the PayPal fees.
  • If someone uploads the same shoe in the same size, which shoe will be sold first?

    Simple: The lowest price will be displayed and sold first. If two items have the same price the older item will be preferred. You always have control over the price and you are always able to change the price whenever you want to.

  • When do I get paid after I sold an item?

    Directly after we received the item and it passes the authentication process.

  • Do I need a PayPal account?

    Yes, PayPal is the way you are getting paid. In order to buy and sell on KLEKT, you will need to have an active PayPal account.

  • How does the shipping from me to KLEKT work?

    After you sell an item, we will provide you with a free (already paid for) DHL shipping label, which you need to use to ship the item to us. You always need to ship the item "double boxed", to prevent the item and it's packaging from any damage. Shipments are always fully insured and tracked by us.

  • Which items are allowed to be sold?

    You can only sell brand new (deadstock) items. Additionally, the item needs to be offered with the undamaged, original box and all original accessories.

  • I don't have the item anymore. Can I cancel the transaction?

    When you are not able to sell the item anymore for any reason, you can simply decline the transaction within 24 hours of selling the item on KLEKT.

  • What happens if I send an item that is found to be fake or does not meet the authentication criteria?

    When items do not meet the minimum criteria of our authentication process (see "Selling requirements" above), the buyer will automatically be refunded, and the seller subject to a one-time penalty of 10% of the Payout. The item will remain with KLEKT until such time payment for the penalty charge is received, and only then will the item be shipped back to the seller. Additionally, accounts can and will be deleted or blocked on KLEKT for sellers repeatedly listing items that do not meet our authentication criteria.