Your Safety Is Our Mission

Buyer Protection

Safety first

K’LEKT is an official partner of PayPal. Therefore, you are completely insured through the PayPal Buyer Protection. This means whenever something goes wrong with your purchase, there’s no need to worry, because the amount of your purchase will be fully reimbursed to you.

In which case am I protected?

  1. When your order never arrives at your address;
  2. When the order you receive is different than described;
  3. When you receive a non-authentic item;

How does K’LEKT support me?

Don’t meet trouble halfway - K’LEKT is always standing by your side in good times and bad. As official partner of PayPal, we can help and support you with every problem that you experience on our marketplace. To ensure your safety, any unusual situations that are not stated above will be personally reviewed with the required evidence from K’LEKT and PayPal.

Verified Sellers

Absolute trust

You can trust all of our sellers on K’LEKT. Why? Because all sellers have to go through our account verification process. This verification increases the security of your purchase immensely. Since the introduction of this process we can proudly determine zero reported scams on our marketplace. Don’t worry, be happy.

Originals Only

100% authentic

We all love originals only. That’s why we are guaranteeing you the safest shopping experience possible. Our first priority is to keep you away from fake items and to offer you a secure purchase environment. Due to this reason, we are having a curation team whose daily task is to keep our marketplace clean to offer you originals only.

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